What Distinguished Colleagues Say About Jim
"Jim Hales has all of the skills and techniques of a superbly qualified mediator. I can honestly say that his unique talent for mediation is a rare gift."
Fred Lane, Esq.,
Past President of the Illinois State Bar Association
Past Past President of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
Co-Founder of the International Academyof Dispute Resolution
“Jim Hales demonstrates the qualities of the true peacemaker – he has a wealth of experience in the practice of law, he has a superb sense of humor, which all mediators need, he shows great compassion and understanding in working with the parties, and he has the integrity and honesty to be respected by counsel. He is the complete mediator.”
Richard M. Calkins, Esq.
Dean of the Drake University Law School (1980 – 1988)
Past President of the American Academy of ADR Attorneys
Co-Founder of the International Academy of Dispute Resolution
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Mediation Services, PLLC
Providing Dispute Resolution Services Throughout the Midwest
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